How to order Winners and Runners Up trophies at the same time.

Our pages are laid out with all sizes of each trophy shown at the same time with a group picture at the top. This allows you to order two sizes of a trophy at the same time. This is particularly useful when you are ordering different size trophies for the Winners and Runners Up of your competition (or maybe first, second, third and fourth for example)

The COPY button to the right of the engraving box allows you to enter your engraving instructions ONCE and then copy the line into any other trophies that you are ordering from this page. (Remember to enter the amount of trophies that you need, of each size, before using the copy button.

Copy Engraving Instructions

We recommend that you always log-in before working on your order as your progress will be saved to our servers as you go. If you are not logged in anything that you have changed will be lost if you close your browser.

Have a ‘play’ with our systems to see how to get the most from them. Try a spoof Trophy order here to see how it works.

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