Lowest Price Guarantee

Lowest retail price in the World or your money back plus a fiver! 

See what's included in our price here


We have checked our prices against the top ten sites listed on Google.com organic search and can confirm that 'like for like' our prices are lower than all published retail prices shown.


In addition to our check we have included a 'price drop' button to allow you and all of our customers to scan the thousands of ecommerce trophy sites on the web to ensure that we remain the lowest.


That's why our prices are the lowest in the World - bar none.


Our mission is to offer better trophies at better prices and support the sale with better service than is generally available.


Many suppliers talk about "low price guarantees" or "beating like for like quotes". We set the agenda by offering ROCK BOTTOM prices immediately with a transparent and 'checkable' system which every customer can monitor.


(before you've placed your order)


If you see any product on our website selling for less1 anywhere2 in the UK then you can ask us to drop our price.


All you need to do is click the price drop button below the product telling us where the product is selling for less and the price it's selling for (just complete the form, copy and paste the direct link to the product. Without this link we are unable to entertain your claim)


We'll research the supply and amend our pricing accordingly. If correct the price is dropped for the benefit of all customers.


These simple terms apply.
1. The product and service must be identical.
2. The product must be generally available at the advertised price and 'in stock' for immediate delivery.
3. One off clearance, used goods or damaged product is excluded.
4. Arbitrary discounts, which cannot be verified, are excluded.


(after you've placed your order)


Even after you've placed your order you continue to be protected by our rock solid lowest price guarantee. You've got a further FIVE DAYS to continue checking the web. During this period you can claim on our lowest price guarantee and we'll refund any difference and send you a £5 discount voucher to use against your next order.