How to add Personalised Centres, Club Emblems or a Corporate Logo to your trophies.

Personalise your awards by adding your own unique club emblem. Free on orders over £25 – Add £12 on smaller orders. If you have an existing design upload it here or email us and request us to design one for you

  1. Choose the emblem drop down box
  2. Select “You have my Personalised Centre” if we have supplied it before or you have made arrangements.
  3. Select “Create me a NEW Personalised Centre for me” if you have not had a personalised centre from us previously
  4. If your require a NEW centre UPLOAD suitable artwork or send it by email.
  5. Your badge will be added to trophies that show a position for an emblem when you request a personalised centres.
  6. Once we have made you your own personalised emblem we will add it to your award whenever you choose the “You have…” option

If you need more help please use our live chat in the bottom right of our website.

How to see actual samples of trophies before you buy…

If you are a league purchaser or have a Tower Trophies Triple Zero Account you can order up to 10 different samples of awards so that you can actually examine them or present them to your committee before committing to an actual order.

UK’s largest awards and trophies store will deliver the samples to your home address, or your nearest Post Office if it’s more convenient, and when you’ve finished with them you simply pack them up in their original packaging and drop them off at the Post Office using the pre-paid address label supplied by us.

If you are available throughout the day we can even arrange to collect them from your home or business address.

To order your samples simply add them to the cart in the normal way and check out using the Direct Payment option. Put your Triple Zero Account unique number in the ‘other information’ box and we’ll rush them to you in time for your meeting.

No charge is made for this service and there is no obligation to buy however it is only available to pre-approved Triple Zero Account holders.

How to Pay Direct to our Bank using Fast Pay

With effect from the 1st April 2020 we will no longer be accepting cheques. Most of our customers now have have a bank account from which they can make a Direct Bank Transfer . (often called Fast Pay)

As an additional incentive for your club or league to adapt the direct payment method, in place of cheques, we are offering an additional 1% discount on awards and trophy orders. This will be a limited offer whilst the transition takes place. You can of course continue to use all other methods of payment. Credit Cards, Debit Cards or PayPal when you check out

To use Fast Pay simply choose Pay Direct during checkout at our online trophy store and make a direct payment to our Bank using your order number as a Payment Reference. We will send you a reminder email with our Bank details included.

If this changed situation is likely to cause you any problem please let us know and we will ease you through it.

How to order Winners and Runners Up trophies at the same time.

Our pages are laid out with all sizes of each trophy shown at the same time with a group picture at the top. This allows you to order two sizes of a trophy at the same time. This is particularly useful when you are ordering different size trophies for the Winners and Runners Up of your competition (or maybe first, second, third and fourth for example)

The COPY button to the right of the engraving box allows you to enter your engraving instructions ONCE and then copy the line into any other trophies that you are ordering from this page. (Remember to enter the amount of trophies that you need, of each size, before using the copy button.

Copy Engraving Instructions

We recommend that you always log-in before working on your order as your progress will be saved to our servers as you go. If you are not logged in anything that you have changed will be lost if you close your browser.

Have a ‘play’ with our systems to see how to get the most from them. Try a spoof Trophy order here to see how it works.

How to send your Engraving Instructions by Email

  1. Enter the quantity of trophies that you need.
  2. In the first box [Engraving Line 1 ] type the words See Email
  3. Download Excel Template here
  4. Complete Excel sheet as the example shown on the sheet
  5. Reply to your order acknowledgement email and attach the completed Excel File
How to Email Engraving Instructions
Order on-line and send engraving instructions separately by Email

How to pay by Credit or Debit Card without registering for PayPal

We offer you 3 ways to pay when ordering from Tower Trophies.

  1. Direct to our Bank Account by using Internet Banking (FPO)
  2. Credit or Debit Card
  3. PayPal

You do not need to be registered with PayPal to pay by Payment Card but some customers have been confused by the checkout process. Our cards are processed by PayPal merely as a Merchant Services Provider in the same way as many of the others (SagePay, Cardnet etc.) The first screen has a prominent LOG IN button which is for registered PayPal users.

If you are not registered with PayPal and don’t want to be then just choose the Pay by Debit or Credit Card button below the Log In button. See the image below.

Tower Trophies PayPal Log In Page

This will take you to the Card details page for you to enter details in the usual way. At the foot of the page you are asked “Why not create a PayPal Account? If you don’t want to just choose No thanks. Take a look at the image below to familiarise yourself with the checkout pages.

Tower Trophies Card Payment Page

Find out more about our Payment Methods by visiting the Information Section of our Website.

How to Reserve Trophies

Make sure that you do not miss out on your first choice of trophy. Whilst we have large stocks available at the start of the season you will find that these sell out very quickly so you can RESERVE your stock with a 50% deposit. The balance is paid when you give us the final engraving instructions.

Here’s how to reserve your trophies.

  1. Place your order for ENGRAVED trophies online up to three months before they are required. [Minimum order £25]
  2. If you don’t know what your engraving instructions will be; simply add the words “Engraving to follow” in Text Line 1 of the Engraving Instructions box.
  3. Choose Cheque/Direct Payment as your Payment Method.
  4. Check out in the normal way. An acknowledgement will be sent automatically.
  5. Make a payment DIRECT to our Bank Account with 50% of the total order [Payment must be by transfer – we cannot accept a card payment or cheque for this promotion]
  6. We will contact you before your Presentation Date to obtain Engraving Instructions and your balancing payment.
  7. Engraving must be on a four column Excel sheet. (Ask for a template)
  8. You can add to the order at a later date subject to available stock.
  9. Your orders will be reserved for delivery in the usual way.

Tower Trophies Oskar Icon Awards - Reserved for a customer pending receipt of Engraving Instructions
Tower Trophies Oskar Icon Awards – Reserved for a customer pending receipt of Engraving Instructions