Tower Trophies is Britain's Biggest Trophy Store

About Tower Trophies

Welcome to the fifth decade of Tower Trophies.

Tower Trophies was first established over 40 years ago under the iconic gaze of Broadway Tower from where it derives its corporate logo.

Initially created in Broadway, Worcestershire the business grew rapidly over the formative years quickly expanding into premises in Evesham and later opening offices and showrooms in Chichester, West Sussex to service the growing geographic coverage around the South of England.

Most recently Tower Trophies has relocated from its Town Centre base to a Business Park, just ten minutes from Evesham, accommodating further expansion and streamlining its production and storage facilities. Easy access and pretty well unlimited free customer parking is loved by the locals whilst National and International customers are benefiting from improved technology communications and even quicker delivery.

… Tower Trophies customers or friends?

From inception Tower Trophies quickly position itself, within a competitive commercial world, as a Company dedicated to quality, great design and the constant pursuit of excellence. This quest continues but is unmistakably the reason for Tower Trophies relentless growth within the trophy industry and why many of their customers have returned regularly over more than three decades.

…the Tower Trophies family

Truly a family business the Tower Trophies brand continues to be championed by family siblings with 92 year old father Ray, who was instrumental in the early days, still lending a hand with technical and engineering projects until his death in 2021. Over the decades a myriad of nephews and nieces have ‘cut their commercial teeth’ within Tower Trophies and have all gone on to establish their own successful careers. Whilst not blood relatives Tower Trophies has trained and encouraged many staff throughout the years and almost without exception they have become part of the Tower Trophies extended family with proud fathers bringing their first born for approval and retired ‘Tower Trophies family’ members sending missives from their travels. As a family the Matriarch remained Ros Wright, until her death on the 11th January 2019, Ros owned the very first share in the early business ventures when her boys were still at school. Later sadly disabled as a result of a stroke Ros visited the business with Ray at least once a week and epitomises the Company spirit “do the very best you can, smile and above all keep on keeping on!” Tower Trophies closed on the day of Ros's funeral - the very first time that the Company had closed on a trading day in over forty years.

… Tower Trophies in the 21st Century

Tower Trophies has embraced the changing market and the internet age by distributing some of the UK’s finest brands and creating a simple user experience on its website.

Tower Trophies is much mimicked by competitors a fact that a spokesman says, “is irritating but to be expected. In our early days we mimicked the best and strove to improve on their offering. I am flattered that our Competitors use our concepts and often our words but the outcome is a much improved experience for trophy customers in general which can only be good.”  He goes on to say “if we intended to stand still I might be worried that other Trophy Companies would catch us up but our innovations will continue. As an example when we recently launched version 5 of our website future innovations were already designed into it so that the customer experience will continue to improve.”

… eliminating the risk of the Internet

The Tower Trophies sales map now flags customers throughout the UK and increasingly across the European continent. Tower continues to identify efficiency and cost savings to maintain its market leading position as the engraver and distributor of largest selection of quality awards at the lowest possible price on the web.  Director Stephanie Wilks tells us, “our smaller competitors, quite frankly, can’t compete because they have to cut margins to pass on lower prices and our larger competitors struggle with the truly personal service. Uniquely Tower Trophies takes no money until the goods have been received by the customer, checked and approve. We check to make sure our customer is satisfied before we charge their card.  Zero risk for them a fact that is recognised by our card services providers as ‘exemplary’ and ensures that we never receive a charge back from our Bankers.

… great value for money – always!

Tower Trophies pursues a relentless reduction of costs and economies of scale which ensure that they can offer unlimited customer support taken for granted in a ‘small’ family business." Whilst better prices are as important to us as our customers we never loose site of better trophies or even better service" says Julian Ridgers who's eye for detail ensures that no overspend gets missed. 

...recommended by friends.

On the premise that self praise is no praise at all Tower Trophies proudly publishes all of its feed back to enable the World to form its own considered opinion of the Company.

… into the future.

2023 sees the launch of a further improved website, the introduction of further personalistaion options and a much extended product and service offering. Watch this space we are coming down your way!

Vivien Sherlock, responsible for National Sales tells us “Tower Trophies was founded on the hand shake and face to face dealings and over the years we believe that this has ensured our customer retention. We aim to continue as the biggest and best source for Trophies and Awards on the internet but we don’t wish to loose sight of those humble beginnings so we’re setting off on a Tour to shake the hand of as many customers that we can. Not quite a World Tour but who knows what tomorrow brings”, she says with a smile.