Stay safe online…look for the padlock.

With so much fraud, phishing and downright cheating going on across the World Wide Web we thought we’d just remind you about the security that we use on our servers and website.

Look for the padlock, our site is secured by HTTPS.

The servers are fast and responsive and hosted in the cloud and they are locked down with hyper secure firewalls which blocks everyone out except us and even then we have to go through some considerable security protocols to ensure that we are using an authorised device. Specialist software monitors access to the site and if we think anyone accessing is a little dodgy or maybe just trying to clog us up a little then our engineers block them for good.

Your connection to our site is by an HTTPS connection which stands for
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. That is the secure version of HTTP, meaning all communications between your browser and our website are encrypted. We can’t read it nor can the cheats so what’s yours remains securely yours and once you’ve added your order to our server it remains securely ours.

Your payments are taken on the PayPal server so we never keep or even see your sensitive card details and our PCI Security certificate is audited by Trustwave.

Tower Trophies PCI Compliance is audited by Trustwave

Many of the Major Leagues have trusted us with their annual orders for over 40 years so if you are new to Tower Trophies we think it’s important that you are aware how seriously we take your security.