What exactly are Heavyweight Trophies?

Tower Trophies Heavyweight Trophy
New Heavyweight Football Trophies from Tower Trophies

Frankly, they are plastic; but, filled with a heavyweight material that gives them as much weight as a resin and often more.

So does that make them cheap and tacky? They certainly are cheaper. In some cases as much as 30% to 40% less than the resin equivalents which means that you’ll get a much bigger trophy for your budget. Honestly, the method of production means that the model is a much crisper presentation of the subject. You’ll see that the detail in the Heavyweight Football Trophies illustrated above is clear and precise and of course the automated production is what makes the price difference so dramatic.

So how come they are heavyweight if they are made of plastic? There’s no clever secret to this. All of the trophies are made from a rigid polymer so firstly they don’t feel or even look like plastic. In many cases you have to look very hard at two similar football trophies to see what the difference is. The model is first moulded as a hollow outer shell and then filled with a plaster. It’s that simple. They effectively are full of concrete!

Oddly enough it is a great idea because what we call the ‘clunk’ factor is a very big deal in the presentation world. You want your trophies to feel substantial and in previous days of moulded plastic it was only the addition of a stone or marble base that gave them any weight at all.

Tower Trophies Heavyweight Football Trophy

So what is the verdict are they a good thing or not? They are definitely a good thing. It is a very innovative product and some of the designs are excellent. Cost is all important to clubs and leagues with a fixed trophy budget so this product ticks a number of boxes, good price, great design, good feel and another factor which proves important in the Youth Football Trophy market is durability. The all popular Resin Awards look and feel great but drop them on a hard surface and they shatter like glass. That’s not to say that the Heavyweight trophies are indestructible but they will survive a few more beatings than the resin equivalent

As with all new products you need to be selective. There are some great designs but equally some dodgy ones, the images on our website give you a really good representation these days but if you have any doubt give us a call and we’ll grab one from our showroom and give you a first hand opinion.

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