Top Tips for Buying Trophies: Advice from the Pros

Make sure to select a reputable supplier:

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It’s important to buy trophies from a supplier that offers quality products and even more importantly, a reliable service. Check out online reviews and ask around your network to get an idea of the best companies to purchase from. Don’t be fooled by pretty websites do your research and if necessary, ask someone who has purchased from the company before and finally, experience counts, if a supplier has been supplying similar teams or leagues for many years they’ll be able to help you with every aspect of your order.

Decide on a budget:

When considering a budget, factor in engraving costs, as well as the cost of the trophy. Engraving can be an extra cost, so be aware of any extra expenses. Many suppliers will include some engraving or personalisation in the cost, but the limit may not be enough for your requirements so beware of hidden costs. If you’re not sure get a written quotation before placing your order.

Take your time:

Celebrating milestones should be done right, so take your time with selecting the perfect trophy. Look around and compare options to ensure you get the best product and value. Ask your supplier if they will allow you to take samples for other team members or your committee to consider.

Engraving and Personalisation

Adding a personal touch to the trophy makes it even more special and memorable. For example, add a date or name to the trophy or engrave motivational words onto the trophy. If you choose engraving, check that your supplier is an experienced engraver so that the personalisation enhances the trophy rather than diminish its appeal.

Buy in Bulk

Wherever possible keep the same or similar trophy as many online trophy shop offer discounts if you are buying trophies in bulk. This is a great way to make sure you have enough for everyone who deserves recognition without smashing the budget.

Using a mail order company.

If you are buying by mail order, be confident that the supplier uses a reliable carrier and is proficient in packing your order correctly. Many a presentation evening has been ruined by either late arrivals or broken trophies. Make sure to check the return policy in case something goes wrong, or the trophy is damaged.

Placing your order

Be confident that your supplier can easily understand your instructions and make sure you put everything in writing so if there are any mistakes that are not your fault you can get a replacement quickly.

Think about your display.

Consider trophies with a stand or base included. This can save time and allow you to display the trophy easily, particularly if you have to display a considerable amount of trophies. Trying to balance plaques, for instance, will take a lot longer to lay out on your presentation table than maybe simple tankards. Remember the presentation is as important as the product and for one night only the winner of your award is the star of the show so make it look great and be memorable.

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