Personal Shopper




If you are not sure what you want and don't have the time or inclination to browse our site or our brochures then let me do it for you.


Call me on 0800 374 594 with some simple information and I'll sort your trophies for you.


I'll need the following information:-

  • The type and number of trophies you need.

  • Your budget.

  • Your card details including statement address

  • Your delivery address if different.

  • The actual date that you intend to present the trophies.



Pete Smith - Golf Society


"I need trophies for a golf day. We are giving a prize for the first, second and third. Nearest the Pin. Longest Drive and a fun prize for the guy who's had a good day but not won a thing! If we can afford it I like to give the guys crystal. I definitely don't want to spend anymore than £200 including delivery but will be delighted if you can choose some smart awards for around £150"

I can do that!


Roger Benton - Darts league


"Our league has got a maximum of £1000 to spend which is £200 less than we had last year. Our problem is that we have the same amount of teams and competitions. We give loads of trophies and it's really difficult to keep the standard up. If I send you a copy of our last years invoice to give you an idea of the type of things that we give could you sort something out for me?"

I can do that!