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By keeping our systems mainly automated and our costs low we are able to guarantee you the lowest prices in the UK bar none. Normally we take payment with order.

We recognise that schools that are able to take advantage of the County Council Purchase order system may recover the VAT portion of their order more easily. We have, therefore, created specific exceptions for school orders subject to some strict and, we hope understandable, provisos.

These are:


  1. The original order must be placed on-line. (You will receive a confirmation order followed by an invoice)

  2. Delivery MUST be to a School premises or Government office.

  3. You must have a PRE ARRANGED ACCOUNT or an official Council Purchase order must be in position before we start the clock on production. (i.e. Delivery is 5 working days from receipt of correctly raised purchase order) for speed we recommend that you email us a copy of the PO.

  4. We only invoice by email so we must be aware of the correct email address at either your School or County Hall to which our invoice and payment request are sent.

  5. We require payment within 15 days of delivery.

  6. Under no circumstances are we able to accept orders from organisations requiring terms in excess of 30 days - please check your council's terms.

  7. If payment is not received within our terms we will always telephone the person placing the order NOT the payment department at County Hall. PLEASE REMEMBER IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE PAYMENT IS MADE.

  8. If we experience delays in obtaining payment the facility will automatically be withdrawn for future purchases.

  9. If you are not able to take advantage of this system but prefer to pay by cheque rather than payment card you should review cheque procedures here