We need your artwork for a number of things most commonly as below:-

  1. Club Emblem or Badge to be built into a trophy

  2. Logo or Club Emblem to be engraved on to a Silver Salver or Tray

  3. Club Emblem or Company Logo to be etched into Glassware

In ALL cases we can create artwork from your rough sketchs or pictures however. The less work we have to do the less is the charge. Typically redrawn artwork will cost between £23 and £50. We will always quote you before proceeding.


Simple Rules apply:-

  • The better the artwork the better the finished item.

  • If we have to redraw or convert your artwork we have to make a charge. Usually around £25 but this depends on the time it will take.

  • If a picture or artwork is 'grabbed' from a website it is rarely suitable to be converted properly for use in production.

  • Colour Artwork is not suitable for engraving glass or for engraving onto metal. This has to be Black and White. [ Care, Grayscale is not Black and White]

Acceptable file formats:-

  • .eps [This is a scalable Vector Graphic File and is ideal for manipulation]

  • .tiff [Usually a High Resolution Graphic such as a photograph]

  • .cdr [Corel Draw file)

  • .plt [Plotter file used to power our CAD driven Engraving Machines]

  • .jpg [Picture file that removes some unwanted information ]


Club Emblem or Badge to be built into a trophy. (minium quality .jpg possibly .png


These emblems are only 25mm diameter so in this instance we can often grab an image from a website but the print quality is much better where we have quality artwork to start.


Metal Engraving onto Salver, Tankard, Presentation Cup or similar. (.plt .eps.)


 This has to be a line drawing and can only be converted from a Black and White image (Not Colour or Grayscale)


Club Emblem or Company Logo to be etched into Glassware.

This MUST be in Black and White (not Colour or Grayscale)