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FAQ - News & Offers

How often will you mail me?

Probably about 12 - 15 times a year depending on which activity you are interested in. You may receive a few emails in your season and less in the rest of the year.


Can I stop the updates?

Yes. Every update email that you receive has an unsubscribe link at the bottom. It's easy and instant to click and leave.


Will anyone else get my email address?

No. We do not share our list nor do we send you anybody elses information.


Can I receive information about more than one sport or activity?

Yes. Many of our customers are involved in multiple sports. So simply tick every activity that you are interested in. For instance; Football & Cricket but you can tick them all if you wish. The more you tick the more mails you will get.


What information can I expect to receive?

Mainly we will update you with any changes and improvements to the site but we will also keep you up to date with NEW products as they are added and of course SPECIAL OFFERS and DISCOUNT vouchers as they become available.


Do I have to be a Customer?

No. You just need to be interested in our Company, Our Products and our service.


Can I add other people to the News & Offers list?

Yes you can. For instance you can add every member of your Committee or your team. However we will write to them individually to ask them to confirm that they are happy to be added before we start sending News & Offers to them. We don't want to upset any one or waste their time so we take lots of care with every member.


Why am I getting News & Offers if I haven't subscribed?

You have to be subscribed to receive News & Offers. You may have unintentionally subscribed when you purchased from our website or visited our facebook page. If you wish to stop News & Offers just click the unsubscribe link and you will be instantly removed permanently.


Where did you get my email address from?

Either you gave it to us or someone connected with you, your oganisation or your area of interest felt that you would be interested in News & Offers. As far as we are possibly able we check to make sure you want to hear from us but our 'fail safe' is the unsubscribe button. It's instant and permanent and we never bother you again.


Can I trust the emails and the links in them?

Yes. 100%. Our News & Offers Update is hosted and administered by Zoho who are highly ethical and professional Company.